Book Review – Outraged

Let me just say that before I even read this book, I knew I was going to enjoy reading it. You see I heard Dotty Charles being interviewed on the radio and thought that this lass from the UK has so much gusto, passion and intelligence when she talks about social injustices in our social media platforms especially on Twitter. She’s a black, gay woman which means that ‘society has three boots on her neck’.

So yes this book is really an extension of what she was discussing on the radio (or is that the other way around?). She poses the question on why we are venting our energies/outrages on things that aren’t worth our time. To be honest, I’ve not heard any of the examples or issues that she brought up (I am SO behind!) . For example people were angry about Jamie Oliver’s jerk rice and accused him of cultural appropriation. Charles poses that “being outraged on social media allows us to take the moral high ground. It lets you say I am offended therefore I am principled”. So, so true!

I have nodded so many times while reading this book because I wholeheartedly agree with what she is saying in it. We really shouldn’t give any attention to people on social media that makes us angry. Our current Prime Minister being one of them. We all know he’s a jerk – why keep him ‘alive’ by tweeting about him? Sheesh!

Yes this is definitely a highly recommended book from me but I think I’d prefer listening to her instead.

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