Book Review – The Exploits of Moominpappa

This is not the usual picture book that I’ve come to know of the Moomin series. The story is text-based and is aimed at children 10 years and up.

It has an interesting title – Exploits of Mommipappa. Of course if you’ve not read any of the Moomin books, you would wonder what is a Moominpappa but let’s assume that you do and then wonder what ‘exploits’ mean in this story. Exploit to me in general terms mean ‘taking advantage of the weak ad and vulnerable for self-gain’ and this is a verb word. But in this context, exploit is a noun (I looked this up on an online dictionary) and it means ‘a notable or heroic accomplishments’. So titled another way, the title could read: The Heroic Accomplishments of Moominpappa

So the story begins with a baby Moomin who we will eventually know as Moominpappa being found in a newspaper parcel (although he does sometimes say that he was found in a small basket of leaves) at the doorstep of the Home of the Moomin Foundlings. Moominpappa hated it there especially the rules that the Hemulen had set up eg. you had to carry your tail at a certain angle when saying good morning to the Hemulen. He was so unhappy at the home that he eventually ran away. He found a nice bit of land and built his first house. Then he met Hodgkins, the Muddler and the Joxter who all went along with him on a sea adventure. They sailed on a ship that Hodgkins built named The Oshun Oxtra (it was meant to be The Ocean Orchestra but the Muddler got muddled up and misspelt the ship to its new name).

On their adventure, they met many more characters including:

  • Edward the Booble
  • The Niblings
  • The Mymble’s daughter
  • Daddy Jones (the King)
  • The Mymble and her children
  • The Ghost
  • LittleMy

….and eventually a female Moomin who will eventually become Moominmamma and Moominpappa’s love.

I truly enjoyed this book. It introduced me to many of the Moominvalley characters!

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