Book Review – Moomins: Ladybird Readers Series

When I ordered my Moomin books online from my local library I didn’t particularly look at the type of format (picture book/ easy read etc) so I was quite surprised to see three Easy Read books waiting for me on the reserve shelf. The Ladybird Series books are similar to picture books but smaller in size (23cms in height) and contains language exercises at the end of each story. These books are aimed at young learners of English as a foreign language.

The Birthday Button (Pre-A1 of the CEFR Framework)

Moomin woke up very happy on his birthday but soon became sad because his friends (Snufkin, Sniff, Snorkmaiden and Little My) didn’t have time to see his golden button that his parents gave him for his birthday. Just as he thought his friends have forgotten his birthday, his friends had a surprise for him!

The Wish (A1 of the CEFR Framework)

Moomin found a shiny pebble in the lake one day. His family said that it was a shooting star and that he should make a wish. But he didn’t know what to wish for. So he sought advice from his friend Snufkin. They took the pebble back to the lake when they saw a shooting star. Moomin knew what to wish for. And his wish was….well you have to read the story to find out!

The Song of the Sea (A1+ of the CEFR Framework)

Moomin wanted to find a special seashell that he could hear the ocean in. So he, Snorkmaiden, Sniff and Snufkin set on a sea adventure to Lonely Island where they saw Hattifatteners. They found shells but there was a storm on the way home. Despite their weariness sailing in the stormy sea, they made it safely home. He showed his shells to his parents but instead of a song something else came out of it. Can you guess what it was?

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