Book Review – The Passion Economy

I love this book. It’s about the new economic rules that are permeating on a global scale. Blame this on the birth of the internet and the proliferation of digital products and information. If your head is still the old establishment thinking then you might be left behind. It’s a fascinating read – you’re either a price-maker or a price-taker. I know where I am at the moment in my working life but I definitely know where I’d like to be! This book gives you real-world examples of people and organisations who have been price takers but are now price-makers – not only are they wealthier but they are also HAPPIER!

Adam Davidson outlines 8 rules of the passion economy to guide the readers through the lessons that can easily be applied by anyone.

  • RULE 1: Pursue Intimacy at scale
  • RULE 2: Only create value that can’t be easily copied
  • RULE 3: The price you charge should match the value you provide
  • RULE 4: Fewer passionate customers are better than a lot of indifferent ones
  • RULE 5: Passion is a story
  • RULE 6: Technology should always support your business, not drive it
  • RULE 7: Know what business you’re in, and it’s probably not what you think
  • RULE 8: Never be in the commodity business, even if you sell what other people consider a commodity

That is it folks. Simple right? Then get onto it – read the book, find your passion and start working on it!

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