Book Review – Turning down the noise

Again I came across this book through a podcast I was listening to during my lunch break back in November 2020. That long ago! Yes I remembered it well because I immediately told my colleague about it as soon as I got back in the office. Then I ordered it from my library. I waited months before I could borrow it because it seems that other people also wanted to read it!

So this book has a similar premise to a recent book I’ve read about mindfulness and meditation but much better! It’s also written by a journalist, Christine Jackman (who reveals in this book who her partner is – Peter Greste – wow, journalists getting on with each other much like Hollywood actors I suppose…) who weaves her own personal stories and what it means to have silence in her busy corporate world.

She confirms that you don’t have to live in a mountain or cave to be mindful and to practice meditation. These activities can be incorporated into our daily lives. She’s not preachy or claims to know the answers and gives readers a number of pragmatic ways to ‘turn down the noise’. I actually picked up a lot of pointers for my own future practice. It’s a good read!

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