Book Review – The midnight library

I read this book in maybe 3 or 4 sittings which is a record for me nowadays. It might have been because I was nursing a 2-day cold (no not COVID-19) at the time plus it was an easy book to read. A page-turner!

So what’s the plot? Well, it’s about a young lady (I say young because she is way younger than me – mid-30’s I think …) who is at loss with her life’s direction. She has so many regrets. She was great at swimming when she was a teenager and could have been an olympian by now; she was in a band and could have been a mega-star by now; she broke up with her fiance and could have been married with a family by now. But instead, she is working in a music store as a sales assistant, living in a flat with her cat. But one night her cat died and that’s when ‘weird’ things have started happening. This is when her adventure begins!

I enjoyed reading this book. It’s like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books but the reader doesn’t get to choose the end. The story’s protagonist does. It’s funny, sad, inspirational and also a wonderful self-discovery story. A highly recommended read especially if you just want to curl up and stay in bed!

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