Book Review – Newt’s Emerald

This is another free book I picked up from the Port Augusta Library. I liked the cover and I’ve heard about the good reputation of Garth Nix, which was the main reason I picked it up.

So what is this story about? It’s about Truthful (yes that’s her first name) Newington who has recently turned 18 and been given an emerald by her father but it was immediately stolen right under her nose. In order to retrieve it, she heads to London. With the help of her great-aunt, she disguised herself as a man so that she could investigate further. From there she meets the handsome Major Harnett who joins her/him (he doesn’t know her true identity – he was under a spell!) in the ’emerald adventure’. It’s very funny and the author explores Lady Truthful’s feelings towards Major Harnett.

I would have liked Nix to explore this coming-of-age more fully. Nevertheless, it’s a great whodunit with a magical twist. I really enjoyed it as it was easy to read and fast-paced (this book is aimed at young adults and yes I tried to strongly recommend this book to my then 12-year-old son but alas it wasn’t his type of genre). This is another highly-recommended book from me, especially for young readers and those easing their way to stories with magical elements.

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