Library Visit 2021 – Woomera Community Library

For some reason, I did not make notes after I visited this library. I’ve looked everywhere. That’s very unusual of me not to write anything about it. I now have to rely on my failing memory…

Date of visit: 25 August 2021

Features: This was a spacious library considering the town’s population was only 120 at the time of the visit (apparently Woomera now has 136 permanent residents – a jump of 16 in 9 months! It did boast 6000 people once upon a time when the satellite town was created for missile testing). It’s located at the Woomera Area School and the library’s collection included fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and magazines. Digital items were also available via the South Australia library network. There was a dedicated children’s area which include reading material for the younger audience and there were 4 PCs available for the public to use, although at the time of the visit I wasn’t allowed to use one of them. Must have been because it was nearly closing time. I don’t think the library staff was keen on us arriving at that time. Ha!

Overall impression: It was a nice library although it felt a bit cold (not temperature-wise because this was in the desert remember?). No, I’m talking more about the atmosphere, also probably due to the cool reception we received from the library staff and the overall eerie silence of the whole town. Feel free to visit but let me know if you get the same feeling.

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