Book Review – The Sky So Heavy

I picked this book up from the free book bin in the Port Augusta Library and read it during our road trip through South Australia last year.

I don’t normally read young adult fiction books but this one from the CBCA award-winning Australian author Claire Zorn is not bad. It’s easy to read and a page-turner. There isn’t much character exploration but the storyline kept me going.

It’s a story about a teenager in Australia who has to navigate himself along with his friends during a nuclear winter. It doesn’t really delve into the whys, hows and whats of a nuclear mishap on earth but it does delve into the negative and ugly side of people who are desperate for food, shelter and basic needs. There is also bravery, remorse for past wrong-doings and maturity in the characters, which I find heroic.

The main thing though that I learnt from reading this book is not to stay in the city when there is a nuclear fallout (heaven forbid that it doesn’t come to that in real life). The best thing to do is to go to the bush where you can find fresh water (if it’s not been contaminated of course), use an alternative power source and away from the hordes.

Another highly recommended book from me especially for young adults who are passing away the time travelling on the road.

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