Library Visit 2021 – Coober Pedy Community Library

The most memorable part of my visit to the Coober Pedy Community Library was my long chat with the library staff at the time. It was a Sunday and they were open from 1-5pm. Some of the lights weren’t on when we visited so the photos turned out a little dark. The library was also a school library so it was only opened to the public after school during the week and one day on the weekend.

Date of visit: 22 August 2021

Features: New items display was on the left side of the entrance. It was great to see date stickers on the items of the year that they were acquired. There were only 3 public computers available for use for the public. It was normally a limit of 20 minutes for use but because I was the only one using a computer, I was able to use it for longer than that.

Overall Impression: Despite the library’s space feeling a little bit cramped and dark at the time of the visit, I enjoyed visiting this library due to my interesting chat with the librarian. I could feel there was a sense of a close-knit community in this town through our conversation. The collection was I think sufficient for the clientele it served. Opening hours were decreased due to the pandemic but there was community consultation about it at the time. Not sure of the outcome but looking at the library’s website, the library opens to the public on Sundays from 12-5pm during school holidays.

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