Book Review – Foundation

Ok, so I started reading this book by Isaac Asimov at the same I started watching the TV series of the same name. To tell you the truth, I enjoyed the TV series more than this book. The book feels a little old-fashion even though the storyline is meant to be thousands of years into the future. But then again, maybe this is how they will be talking again in the future. Ha! There are a lot of male characters in this book all having similar dialogue akin to the 1960s macho and chauvinistic men. Ugh! I like the concept of the story but the storyline is outdated. I lost interest three-quarters of the way but I painfully finished reading it. I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest of the Foundation series. Sorry, Isaac.

For those who may not know the main plot – it’s about the human species in the distant future who have now spread (like a bad virus) to the outer galaxies and universes. Societies are still tribal. A psycho-historian name Hari Seldon predicted the demise of the Empire and set about a Foundation population to preserve the culture of human beings.

My recommendation? Forget the book and watch the TV series instead – it’s more imaginative.


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