Library Visit 2021 – Mount Gambier Public Library

This is another one of my favourite public libraries in South Australia. I love the space and the facilities that they provide.

Date of visit: 10 October 2021



The library offers contemporary lending resources to its community and is part of the South Australia Public Library Network. I love the way CDs are stored in DVD cases which I think solves the daily issues of damaged CD cases.

Space and Facilities

There is a dedicated children’s area, which includes a parents’ room/kitchen and toilets. I love the underwater design. Check out the cool diver swimming on the ceiling!

I love the Mission and Vision statements which are clearly visible above on the ceiling. I noticed them but I’m not quite sure if people do when they’re in the library.

There are plenty of areas where people could quietly read and study. There is also a local history room where clients could do research in.

There are 3 monitors for playing video games. So cool. There are also free games (pinball type machines and chess boards) available for use by the young at heart.

At the time of the visit, the library cafe was in progress of being fitted in.

The bookshelves are neatly spaced out and I wish that my library has a staff/information desk similar to this one from Mount Gambier Library!

Overall Impression: This library was a pleasure to visit and spend time in. The staff were helpful and this was the library where my son signed up to become a library member of the South Australia Public Library Network. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Mount Gambier!


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