Library Visit 2021 – Alice Springs Public Library

For those familiar with Neville Shute’s work you’d know that he wrote A Town Called Alice, which by the way I have not read yet. But I suspect that the Alice Springs he wrote about was quite different from the modern Alice Springs that I have just visited recently. So I guess it’s only apt that the Alice Springs Public Library proudly had a Neville Shute display of his books in front of the library’s entrance at the time of our visit.

So my main aim for visiting the library apart from looking around and checking out their collection and library services was to use their public computers. I was given an access code but unlike the public libraries in other states, I can keep renewing my access without continually groveling to library staff to extend my time on the computer.

Most of the clients during my visit were local Indigenous people looking at computers and watching a movie on the TV screen. I say local because I overheard one of the library staff greet one of them by their first name. There were a few travellers mostly grey nomads on the computers applying for their COVID border permits. The male staff helping them was helpful and friendly enough.

Date of Visit: 16 August 2021

Features: A 1-level contemporary library with a vast array of lending and reference material for the community. There were toilets (but at the time of the visit, there was only one cubicle working) and printing facilities. The furniture and decor were modern and bright. It would have been great to be able to use the courtyard for clients that might want to sit outside. I particularly like their “What we find in books” display – things that clients leave in their books after they borrowed/returned them. Some interesting objects there!

Overall impression: A lovely library and a must-visit if you’re in Alice Springs!

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